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Property Property Cost $
Title insurance cost Title Insurance Cost
These rates are based on basic coverage. Contact us for a quote on enhanced coverage and more protection.
This includes $150.00 commitment fee.
Deed Stamp Deed Stamp Cost $
Total Cost Sub Total $
Note : Following additional charges will be included in the total cost
  • Attorney fees and costs:
    Attorney fees $400.00
    Title search(Greenville Co. only) $275.00
    Copy, fax postage $30.00
    Package overnight delivery Fee $40.00
    Loan Package Prep and Printing $100.00
    Courier fees for payoffs (per payoff) $40.00
    TOTAL $885.00
  • Deed Prep: $250
  • Deep Prep if a mail away to seller: $325
  • Recording fees (as set by the county): $10.00 for the first 4 pages, $1 for each additional page thereafter
  • Title Insurance Costs: Title Commitment Fee is $150.00
    In addition to these fees you may have title insurance premiums, which are calculated according to whether there is lender's coverage, owner's coverage or both. Call us at the above number or email at for a quote.
  • For refinances, HELOCS and second mortgages where we have previously performed a full title examination, our title update fee is $100.00
Title insurance rates are based on the standard policy and include both lender's and owner's coverage. Contact us for a quote if your requirements are different or you desire an enhanced policy with greater protection.
These costs, while deemed accurate, are provided for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed. Contact us for a complete quote.
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