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Business Formation

If you're thinking of starting a business, retaining an attorney with experience in corporate business matters should be your first course of action. You are looking for a transactional lawyer at this stage in the process, someone who can help you through the various decisions of how to set up the business as a legal entity, how to create the ownership structure that best suits your needs, how to manage employment law issues and more.

Your new business will be subject to both state and federal laws and regulations and a seasoned attorney will know their way around both, helping your business comply with government regulations and the legal requirements for forming or licensing the business. Your attorney may recommend that you form an LLC, or a 501 c(3) corporation, or a sub-chapter S corporation, or any of a number of different types of partnerships. As structure options differ, your attorney will also help you understand the best structure for your business to meet your needs. To ensure the best beginning to your business he will help you work through the ownership structure, the management structure and the obligations and duties of each. Once a business structure is chosen, he will do all the legal work to create the business, register it with the appropriate public agencies and obtain Federal Tax numbers.

Your attorney will also advise you on how best to proceed to insure your business and its assets. He may suggest that you to create an appropriate buy-sell agreement or other exit strategy and will help you plan ahead in areas such as corporate governance.

Working with an attorney from day one is the smartest move you can make to ensure your business starts on sold ground, but maintaining that attorney relationship throughout the life of your business helps you avoid issues such as on-going corporate maintenance, shareholders and stockholders meetings, proper notice, and proper authorization, of actions taken by the business or its officers.

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