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Elder Law

If you are, or soon will be, caring for an elderly relative, or if you think you will soon need care as you age, you'll need to consider some legal and financial matters such as how to choose a long term care facility or provide for your Business and Health Care Powers of Attorney. Planning for the care of elder people is a responsibility often accompanied by a series of tough, and confusing, decisions. Hiring an attorney versed in elder care law is a smart option when you want to ensure you take all the rights steps in your planning process. An elder care attorney can help you with

? Disability Planning - what will happen to your loved one if he or she becomes disabled and unable to live alone? Work with an attorney early to figure out how to set up any necessary safeguards for the future.

? Estate Planning - Ensure that you (your parents) have gone through the estate planning process while of sound mind and made arrangements for their own will, trust or other plan for dealing with assets. If they have not, work with an attorney now to help them settle their affairs.

? Health Care Decisions - Find out what your loved one wants to do about eventually moving to an assisted living or nursing care facility early on. You may be faced with making the decision yourself if prior arrangements are not made known. You may also need to look into advanced directives for healthcare such as a do not resuscitate order or other end of life issues.

? Long-Term Care Insurance - Consider the purchase of this insurance to help you afford to take the best possible care of elderly loved ones.

? Medicaid and Medicare – You need to work with someone experienced in these government programs so that you can take advantage of any appropriate entitlements.

Elder care law covers a lot of ground in addition to the items listed above. A trusted attorney is a vital partner in helping you work though the necessary paperwork and decisions that will affect you and your family, and the best advice he will likely give you is to start early while you're healthy, in order to avoid the expense of going to the Courts for someone to obtain the authority to help you when healthcare has finally become an issue. For more information on wills, trusts and estates, click here.

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