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Probate Law

After the death of a loved one, dealing with the probate of their estate is a confusing and often lengthy process that is controlled by the Probate Court, in compliance with the probate laws of South Carolina. If the deceased had no will, the process can be even more complicated. Turning to an attorney experienced in probate and handling of estates is an important part of the process and one valuable for more than just your peace of mind. The attorney handling your probate case must be well versed in the probate process and the law, as you will need them to work out the transactional side of the estate, and if there is a contested will, act as the Executor's counsel. Your smartest move is to hire an attorney who regularly handles probate matters and who also has expert knowledge of real estate law, since many estates may contain property matters to be settled.

If you are acting as the Personal Representative (executor) of an estate, your probate attorney will advise you on settling all of the affairs of the deceased person. He will help you secure the estate's assets and appraisals of any property, deal with outstanding estate or income tax issues, collect the proceeds of life insurance policies, and retirement plans and advise you on how to pay any outstanding debts of the deceased or to deny claims that are improperly presented to the Personal Representative. The attorney will prepare and file any documents required to conclude the probate of the estate and to distribute the inheritances to the proper people.will work to re-title any property to beneficiaries of the estate.

Your last thought in a time of sorrow over a loved one's death is how to find the appropriate attorney for the job, so do your homework ahead of time and know what to look for in the person you will trust to advise you in probating the estate, with care, dignity and integrity. For more information on wills, trust and estates, click here.

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